Sunday, March 23, 2014

Second Language helps Rational Thinking?

The Wall Street Journal reports httabout a recent study that thinking about a problem in a foreign language might help a person analyze the problem more rationally. It appears by thinking of the problem in a second language we isolate the emotion from the decision and so you get a more rational picture of the situation. Hmm...let me try it out in my basic knowledge of another language - hum sochta es blog tik hai or nai - kya karega. I am just seeing blank empty spaces in my mind with the words standing out....maybe there is some truth to this...try it yourself...
" 'Piensa' Twice: On the Foreign Language Effect in Decision Making," Albert Costa, Alice Foucart, Inbal Arnon, Melina Aparici and Jose Apesteguia, Cognition (February)

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