Friday, November 19, 2010

So How did ALANA Color the Vote in 2010?

So How Did ALANA Color the Vote in 2010? This is a difficult task to do given the lack of good data. Based on analysis of 35 precincts where ALANA communities are on average 80 percent of the population - the following pattern emerges: Mark Dayton got 14,954 votes in these precincts, Tom Emmer got 2061 votes and Tom Horner got 970 votes. In this current “recount” climate these numbers are quite significant. On average Mark Dayton got 80 percent of the votes in these precincts. Statewide Dayton got only 43 percent of the votes. When we group these precincts by presence of the largest ALANA group subtle differences emerge. See complete article in the link below.