Saturday, August 30, 2008

RNC Visitor - Map of Ethnic Attractions

RNC Visitors and Delegates – Experience the World in Saint Paul

A Warm Welcome from the World Cultural Heritage District where you will experience the world in Saint Paul in the University Avenue area near the State Capitol.

The attached map will give you some places where you can experience the dynamic potential of ethnic capital in Minnesota – a 12 billion dollar economy. You can also find the map online at

If you want to know more about the area – call one of the Cultural Ambassadors listed on the map and they will be glad to help you.

Sample Itinerary -

· Morning coffee at African American Jazz Themed coffee shop and cafĂ© – Golden Thyme – ask the locals about the Rondo Neighborhood, Selby Jazz Festival or the African American Heritage Corridor.

· Egg rolls and Hmong Sausage at Food Smart Deli for a late morning snack

· Stroll over to the Hmong Market on Como and Marian

· Get your nails done, hair braided or buy ethnic groceries at the many stores on University Avenue

· Lunch – you choose the continent – Asia, Latin America or Africa – there is a restaurant to match on the Avenue or try Vietnamese sandwiches at Saigon or Trung Nam.

· Relax at the Rondo Library and read about local history there or walk over to the Center for Hmong Art and Talent to hear about their latest Hmong fashion show.

· Catch the latest show at the African American theater – Penumbra

· Dinner – eat with the locals – soup at Pho Ca Do, appetizers at the trendy Ngon, dinner at the elegant Mai Village (ask the owner to show you the Vietnamese Museum on the top floor), desert and drinks at the many restaurants on Selby Avenue.

Enjoy your visit to the World Cultural Heritage District and come back soon!