Sunday, March 23, 2014

Second Language helps Rational Thinking?

The Wall Street Journal reports httabout a recent study that thinking about a problem in a foreign language might help a person analyze the problem more rationally. It appears by thinking of the problem in a second language we isolate the emotion from the decision and so you get a more rational picture of the situation. Hmm...let me try it out in my basic knowledge of another language - hum sochta es blog tik hai or nai - kya karega. I am just seeing blank empty spaces in my mind with the words standing out....maybe there is some truth to this...try it yourself...
" 'Piensa' Twice: On the Foreign Language Effect in Decision Making," Albert Costa, Alice Foucart, Inbal Arnon, Melina Aparici and Jose Apesteguia, Cognition (February)

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

My Testimony to the MN legislature

Today I invited legislators to view our ALANA communities as assets. I presented the economic portfolio of the ALANA communities and encouraged them to leverage our massive public spending to grow the ALANA economic portfolio - reflected in such data as - $12 billion in consumer power; firms that as a group would be the 15th largest company in terms of revenue (over $5 billion) and 9th largest in terms of employment (over 40,000 with an annual payroll of over $1 billion). Minnesota is doing a lot of good things but to be doing great things we need to view our ALANA communities not as deficits but as assets. The testimony can be found on my site