Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thank You Fr. Kevin - Today in Pioneer Press

We are blessed to have Fr. Kevin McDonough as our family pastor at St. Peter Claver Church in St. Paul.
My experience parallels others in the parish and in the community. In times of personal tragedy, he soothed our aching hearts, opened doors for us and lifted up our spirits.
Our children love him. He celebrates their spirit and achievements whenever he gets the opportunity to do so. He truly is their spiritual "Father," and we trust him.
I greatly appreciate the way he relates to immigrants like me: He celebrates our identity, breaks bread with us and our families, and teaches us ways to be successful in Minnesota.
I have never seen someone address racial justice and equity so effectively -- he celebrates his own identity while working tirelessly to break down barriers that inhibit immigrants and minorities from achieving the American dream.
I have also seen him use whatever power he has to open doors for those without that access to power and resources.
I have seen him deal with difficult situations with courage and fairness while upholding the dignity of others.
My parents visited from India many years ago, and they still remember how much he blessed their lives. 
He reminds me of the early church leaders at the dawn of Christianity who walked "humbly with their God all the days of their lives."
Thank you, Fr. Kevin.
Bruce Corrie, St. Paul