Tuesday, December 07, 2010

New Vision of Ethnic Capital Part of State of MN Policy

The State of Minnesota adopted this new vision for Minnesota...now we hope they will take it to the implementation phase....

State agency personnel: Please take note of the following excerpts from the Commissioner's Order regarding state agency purchasing:

  1. Businesses owned and operated by minorities, women, veterans and disabled individuals make significant contributions to Minnesota's economy.
  2. Small businesses are major contributors to jobs and revenue growth in Minnesota.
  3. Public spending can leverage small business development which in turn can help address issues such as job growth, increased tax revenue, increased human capital and reduction in dependency and crime.
  4. Public spending to leverage small business development is a priority for Minnesota's executive branch leadership and part of a larger strategy to make Minnesota globally competitive.
  5. State and local government agencies are strongly encouraged to develop programs to help build the capacity of Minnesota's small businesses.
  6. State executive branch agency purchasing and contracting conducted under the authority of Minnesota Statutes Chapter 16C must, at minimum, comply with this order.

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