Friday, March 28, 2008

Economic Contributions of African Immigrants

Minnesota is among the top 10 states in the nation for the number of African immigrants.

African Immigrant buying power in the USA is an estimated 45 billion dollars (in relative terms – will be the 6th largest African economy). African Immigrant Capital in Minnesota is also significant – for example buying power of the Somalis is an estimated 216 million dollars, Ethiopians 203 million dollars, Nigerians 71 million dollars, Kenyan 167 million dollars, Liberians 142 million dollars and smaller communities like the Cameroonian community have an estimated buying power of 6 million dollars.

African immigrants, as compared to other immigrants, tend to be younger, have higher educational attainment and have a greater participation in the workforce.

This data was released by Dr. Bruce Corrie, Professor of Economics and Director of the Strategic Business Design Institute, Concordia University, at the 4th Annual Midwest Multicultural Marketing Conference in Saint Paul, MN. For more data on African Immigrant Capital please see

A new study on the economic contributions of African immigrants from Liberia will be released shortly. Contact: Tel: 651 641 8226

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