Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rapid Growth of Black Firms in MN

Rapid Growth of Black firms in MN Bruce P. Corrie, PhD corrie@csp.edu According to latest data released by the Economic Census today, Black firms expanded rapidly in Minnesota. The number of Black firms increased by 95 percent in Minnesota during the period 1997-2002 and ranked 3rd in the nation in terms of growth of black firms. In Minnesota, Black firms in Minneapolis grew 123 percent from 1373 firms in 1997 to 3068 firms in 2002. There was an outward movement of Black firms from the Twin Cities to areas such as Brooklyn Park, Eagan and Hopkins and from Hennepin county and Ramsey county to Dakota county, Anoka county and Washington County. In Minnesota there were 7837 Black firms with 682 million in sales employing 4990 people with an annual payroll of 183 million dollars. For updates please see my blog http://ethnictrends.blogspot.com/

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I wish more data like this was researched and reported.