Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Chinese Minnesotans: Economic Contributiions

Bruce P. Corrie, PhD According to Census 2000, there were 15 380 Chinese Minnesotans. Chinese Minnesotans have an estimated buying power of over $400 million dollars. They paid $6.1 million in real estate taxes, $1.2 million in rent and an estimated $45 million in state and local taxes. According to the Economic Census 1997, there were 922 Chinese Minnesotans firms with an estimated 454 million in sales. Chinese Minnesotans have very high human capital: 60 percent of the Chinese Minnesotan workforce were in Management and Professional occupations. Chinese educational levels were higher than the average for Minnesota with 64 percent having a Bachelor’s degree or higher. 11 percent had doctorates. Below is a partial list of Chinese Minnesotans who have contributed to the building of Minnesota in various areas.
  1. Business/Science Fred Hsiao, Top 25 General Contractor Lee Ann Chin, Restaurant chain Yvonne Cheung Ho, President, MEDA Eugene Sit, Sit Mutual Funds Paul Gam, Saint Jude MedicalLi King Feng, MN Trade OfficeZ.J and Helen Lee, EntrepreneursWeiming Lu, President, Lowertown Redevelopment CorporationH. C. Shin, Executive Vice President, 3MKaren Hsiao Ashe, Scientist, U of M, Alzheimer’s diseaseDavid Pui, Scientist, U of MYalai Zhang, EntrepreneurBrian Zhang, Entrepreneur
  2. Community Judge Tony Leung, Hennepin County Judge Regina Chu, Hennepin CountyGail Chang Bohr, Children’s Law CenterJennie Hsiao, Council on APA MN Ivy Chang, Co-Chair, U of M Asian Advisory Council, The Policy RoundtableJoseph Hui, Asian Pacific Fund, Saint Paul Foundation, The Policy Roundtable Valerie Lee, Minneapolis FoundationHong Yang, U. of M. China CenterErika Lee, Immigrant historianConnie Wang, AttorneyAmy Xu, AttorneyNelson Dong, AttorneyMargaret Wong, Breck School
  3. Culture Yo Yo Ma, International cellistWing Young Houie, PhotographerAnge Hwang, Asia Media Access Kaimay Terry, CAAM Dance TheatrePat Hui, artist and collectorPaul Kwok, artist.

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