Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Latest Minority Voting Patterns, 2004

What are some trends that emerge from the latest minority voting data coming from the Current Population Survey, November 2004, U. S. Census Bureau?

A larger percentage of minorities who voted in the 2004 elections tended:

  • to have some college degree or higher
  • to have an income level greater than $50,000
  • to be a Government Worker
  • to own a house
  • to have Rented a house for a few years
  • to live in a no cash rental unit more than a year
  • to be a Veteran
  • to be 45 years and older
  • to be a Naturalized Citizen

Biggest reason for not voting - Too Busy/Schedule Conflicts

There are significant ethnic differences in voting patterns among minorities.

Blacks have the highest voter turnout in Minnesota, followed by Hispanics and Asians. No data is available on American Indian voter turnout.

Bruce P. Corrie, PhD

Concordia University

Emerging Markets Series, 2005


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